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A few years ago, my son had a birthday party at his elementary school.

As he walked out to greet everyone, he was approached by two of his teachers.

One said, “Hey, Dad, can I have your iPad for you to teach your son some songs?”

The other teacher responded, “Sure!

We’re all going to have to leave for the night.”

The teacher took out her iPad and showed it to my son, who looked at it and laughed.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“That’s your iPad.

Let me give it to you.”

It was an eye-opening moment.

The teachers were not only giving their students iPads for free, but they were also sharing music lessons on their own iPads.

And the experience taught me something profound: Music is a universal language.

What I thought was a simple task could turn into a deeply meaningful experience.

I decided to teach some of my students music lessons with iPads.

I realized that music was not just a tool for teaching and learning.

It’s an extension of human consciousness and an essential part of who I am.

Now, as I look back on that day, I see what the lessons taught my son about himself, about the world, and about the nature of music.

Today, I want to share with you some of the things I learned from the experience: 1.

Learning from a simple, intuitive task, as opposed to a complex and expensive project.

A year and a half ago, I was working as a music instructor at a college.

I was doing a class on how to play the piano in my school’s music hall.

One of the students had a friend who was a pianist.

As we started playing the piano together, she started to get frustrated with me.

I told her that I was going to try to teach her some music.

We started playing songs, and I saw that her enthusiasm was contagious.

I asked her what she thought of the songs she was playing, and she said, I really like these songs.

And that was it.

She told me that she liked them so much, that she could play them every night without complaint.

That’s when I knew music was an essential tool for learning.


Teaching through an emotional connection with the listener.

When we play music, we can’t just play it for the sake of it.

We need to get into the experience.

A music teacher has to understand the listener, the audience, and the meaning of the music in order to help students achieve success.

So what can I teach my students about music?

I think I’ve found three ways.

First, I like to show them a piece of music they already know.

For example, a classical piano piece will probably have a melody, chords, and rhythms that are familiar to the student.

If I show them the first two chords of a C major scale, they’ll immediately know how to recognize the melody.

The third way I’ve used to teach music is through emotional connection.

When I’m teaching, I use music to help me understand the world.

When my students play, I feel that they are actually creating something that has a meaning to them.

This makes it easier for me to create meaningful experiences that lead to meaningful learning.


When students can connect with the music, they can actually hear it.

In my classes, I often show my students the music through their headphones.

But if you listen closely to the music as I teach it, you can also feel the music.

This creates a deeper connection between the music and the students, and gives them the opportunity to hear it for themselves.

If you have a group of students, for example, you might teach a piano lesson in front of them and show them something they have never heard before, but you also show them how it feels to play a piece they’ve heard before.

When you listen to music, you become part of the performance.

You’re not just hearing a piece, you’re also part of a larger conversation.

What lessons can I learn from this experience?

When I first taught piano, I made my students work together to play each piece, in small groups of five or six.

Then, I showed them different pieces in their own order.

I also tried to teach each student the same piece, to give them a chance to learn it in their personal style.

These different pieces allowed me to build up their confidence and their musical abilities.

It also taught them a lot about how to learn the piece.

When the students are all in a group, they’re more likely to work together.

So it’s really important to build that trust.

It makes the learning experience a lot more fun.


Learning music is a skill that transcends time and culture.

If we’re going to use music in our lives, we should also think about its social impact.

If a group plays a piece in a classroom, it creates a sense of belonging.

If students are exposed to a different piece of the same

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