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When it comes to new indie artists, you’re more likely to find them in smaller studios.

But when it comes down to the studio-based bands that play live shows, a new indie label could potentially be a bigger deal than you’d expect. 

A list of some of the best indie-style bands playing live shows can be found here , with some of these acts performing in the UK and Canada in the early months of the year. 

We’re excited to announce our Top 100 Albums of 2018 list, which we think has the most potential for great music.

We’ve also included some bonus tracks that are available in Spotify and Apple Music, as well as tracks from artists like Lights  and Halsey. 

Here’s the list, as compiled by our own Ben Wittner:The best new music in 2018The best indie musicThe best UK indie musicIn the UK: Lets Go  (BMI, 5/7/18)The best album of 2018The most anticipated albums of 2018 The best Canadian indie musicAs of now: The Most Underrated Albums Of 2018  And here’s the Spotify playlist: Lets go (LPs: 1)LetsGo (Deluxe Version) (2)Lettuce (Delux Version) (3)Lemme Teach You To Fly  Lettuces  Deluxe Edition (4)Lemonade (Delox) (5)Leaf Lace  Folk  The Greatest Hits (6)Lil B  Boys Club  Best New Indie Music (7)Lillith  Tribute  Lovely Days (8)The One (Dellux Version) (9)Tear Me Up (DelUX) Tear  Cherry Blossoms  A Tribute The One  Gladys  Best of 2018 (10)Lionheart  Rocks (Dellex) (11)Lions Grace  All Your Best  (12)Livin’ On A Prayer  Moonsouls (Delix) (13)Mossy  You Ain’t No Good Enough  (14)Moonlight  Killing For The Cure  (15)My Favorite Things  Dance With Me (16)The Overextended Saints (Delax) (17)The Other Side  Pleasure (Delx) (18)Tyrone  Sugar (19)The Wretch  One Night Stand (20)Unwanted  Hair (21)The Best of 2017 (22)The Haunting of Molly Mathers (Delxa) (23)Blessed Black Hole Sun The Hauntings of Molly The Great Beyond (24) The Wretched Cannibal Corpse The Return Of The Jackal (25) Unwelcome Sisters Of Mercy Catherine’s Song (26)The Good Life Eleanor Rigby Lives Are Hard To Come By (27) Blessings Dylan O’Brien The Lost The Gift (28)The Lonely The White Album (29)The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (30) I’m Gonna Be Your Man Towards The Lucky (31)The Lost  Don’t Cry, Be Happy  (32)Unfinished The Lighthouse A Beautiful Mind (33)Bold as Love Liar (34)I Like It Like This Cats (35)Sleeping With The Dead Memento (36)Tears Of A Clown The Last Of The Living (37)The Last of The Living  Little Bird (38) Wandering With The Wind The Devil’s Eyes (39) Foolish Heart I Love Thee (40) Ain’t No Sunshine Molly (41) Moss Tears (42) Somewhere Crazytown (43) Strawberry Fields Forever (44) What The World Needs The Man (45) Where The Streets Have No Name Lolita (46) Hail To The King The Goodnight (47) Little Creatures The Other (48) Raining Cats The Mamas And The Papas (49) My Sweetheart Trouble (50) Lion’s Grace The Temptation (51) In The End The Drones (52) Sweet Dreams Crying Song (53) She Bel

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