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A music inspired by your loved ones in your hospital room is a magical moment in time, but not every hospital has one, according to a new report.

Key points:The report says the music is not being used as a way to “stimulate the patients” but as a “musical environment” for nurses to “share experiences” with each other and patientsThe report recommends that music be used as an “emotional release” rather than as a treatmentThe report was commissioned by the Royal College of Nursing and was published in the BMJ, the medical journal of the British Medical Association.

Key findings:The study looked at “music-inspired rooms” in 11 hospital wards across the UK, with music from music studios and record stores being played to the patients.

“Music can be a powerful tool for our patients and can be very positive in helping them with their physical and mental wellbeing,” lead author Dr Amy Leung told the BMJC.

“It can help them to feel good about themselves, it can help their spirits, and it can be used for a lot of different purposes.”

There’s an increasing recognition that music is important for people in hospital.

“Ms Leung and Dr James O’Keefe, the report’s lead author, said they were keen to emphasise that “music can be incredibly important in a variety of settings, including rehabilitation, in the context of nursing, or even as a musical activity for those who are recovering.””

We have also heard that music can be really helpful for those recovering from illness,” they added.”

Our findings suggest that music-inspired music rooms are being used to engage the patients in a more emotional way in the most positive way.

“Ms O’Malley said that “emotionally” was not a synonym for “stimulating”.”

We were interested to know if there was a link between the music and the outcomes that we saw, whether music was being used therapeutically or whether it was just a way for people to share experiences,” she said.

The study also found that music inspired music rooms tended to be more popular in the nursing homes than in the general ward.

This suggests that nursing home staff may be less inclined to listen to music, and may be more likely to encourage music to “provide a more therapeutic environment”.

Dr O’Keane added that the findings suggested that “Music can help people recover from illness, and in some ways, is more effective than drugs for helping people recover.”

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