RVs Music Factory


— Louisiana’s home music room is back, and it’s filled with the same old familiar sounds, thanks to a team of musicians.

The music room has been out of commission since April because of the coronavirus, and the Louisiana House of Representatives is trying to find a permanent home for the space.

The state Department of Health has not been able to find one that would be affordable, but the legislature is trying.

They’ve made a request to the state House, and they’re hoping the House will give them a go.

It started with a few pieces of wood from a nearby warehouse.

They were put together into a wooden building.

Then, the wood was hand cut and shipped to the home of a woman who was living in the home.

She donated it to the house.

It’s been on the house floor since February.

After some work, the music room was ready for its first live performances.

The music was played on a small stage that was about the size of a basketball court.

It was a great fit for a small room with only two speakers.

The home is a small one, but it has enough room to have two separate rooms for musicians, and there’s plenty of room for the rest of the equipment, such as amps and amplifiers, microphones and speakers.

And since the rooms are connected to the outside by wood trusses, the home is air-conditioned, so there’s not a lot of noise coming into the room.

The musicians have to put on a good show to get the room warmed up and to get comfortable.

They’re hoping to have a new sound system up and running soon, so they’ll be able to start playing their favorite songs, from country to pop, even jazz.

The room will also be able be used for the state’s annual Thanksgiving Day concert.

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