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A new house spider found in Florida has now been named after its original owner.

The new species, called H. marinus, was found in a home in Lake Worth in Florida, and is named for its first name, Marinus.

It has the same markings as the house spider, but has a more curved, reddish-orange web, said Marinus’ curator of invertebrate zoology, Dr. David Rupp.

Rupp said that when they first spotted the house Spider they thought it was just a new species.

He said the team quickly discovered that it had some distinctive markings.

“There was a couple of little holes where the legs were hanging out and the abdomen was sticking out, and then there was some blood and a little white spot,” Rupp said.

“The little spider was not looking at us like, ‘Who’s the owner?’

It was just sort of looking around and then it crawled out of the house.”


marus was only discovered in February and was only identified because of its unique markings, Rupp explained.

He told NBC News that the spiders are also a good candidate for future conservation.

“They have been seen before, they’ve been found in other places and they have been in homes and so they’re in good condition,” Rupson said.

He said the species was only found in Lake Pompano Beach and had not yet been studied by a biological anthropologist.

Rupp noted that it was very rare to find a spider that has markings on the body.

“It’s hard to know exactly what it is,” he said.

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