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Toronto’s boom in soundproof rooms is on the rise, with new owners announcing plans to build the first in the city.

The Globe and Mail has learned that the first condo and hotel-style soundproofing units in Toronto’s downtown are set to be built by a group of investors.

The owners are headed by entrepreneur and entrepreneur-turned-businessman Tim Loughran, who bought the building at the corner of Jarvis and College Sts.

in March and plans to transform it into an upscale hotel, condominium or condo-hotel.

Loughran says the soundproof system he’s building will include a large window, which will let in natural light, and a large-screen TV that will be able to display movies and TV shows.

He also plans to add an indoor fitness centre, a gym and a sauna.

Laurie Duszczyk, who lives on the ground floor, said she and her husband, Mike, are thrilled to have the space.

They are looking forward to living there and enjoying the neighbourhood, she said.

(CBC)The Loughrans say they’re looking forward the new space, which they’ll be building next door to the building where they live, as well as the condo they’ve already bought at the nearby Yonge and Bloor Sts., as part of their condo project.

“It’s going to be an awesome condo, a great, cool space,” said Laurie Duszyks, who lived on the floor above where the sound proofing unit is planned to be located.

“I think it’s going be a really nice spot, a nice place to hang out, have a good time with friends and family, and that will make it a great place for me to have a little bit of privacy.”

The building will be a 10-storey tower with a ground-floor commercial area and an upper floor of condos and hotels.

It will be available to rent from December.

Loubna-Loup Architects, which is behind the new condo project, will be the architect for the project.

In a statement, the firm said it is “committed to the development of a soundproofed condo and luxury residential project in Toronto that will allow the resident to enjoy the city’s most exclusive neighbourhood, including the Toronto Islands and Toronto Harbour, without having to compromise on quality.”

The Lougrans, who live in the area, say they expect the new condos to have soundproof glass on the walls and ceilings.

“We want the condo to be as quiet as possible so we can enjoy the atmosphere,” Laurie Duxzys said.

The condo will be sold as a condominium, not a hotel.

Loftran’s new condo building will feature a large windows, which allow for natural light.

The soundproof unit will have a large, high-definition television.

It is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

(Tom Hanson/CBC)Toronto is a major player in the development and renovation of soundproof buildings, with the City of Toronto, the city of Toronto and the city-owned and managed Toronto Centre all working on the project, which was first announced last year.

The city is in the process of building the first of the units, which could be completed this summer.

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