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Music boxes, room rooms, and other music rooms can be an attractive and useful addition to any home.

But when used incorrectly, these rooms can cause stress, anxiety, and even death.

Here are 10 things to know about how to keep your home safe.1.

The rooms are not safe.

In the wrong hands, they can cause serious harm.

A person using a room can cut themselves, throw a sharp object, stab themselves, or stab others.

People who use a room are more likely to do so because they can hear and see the person who is using the room.

A room with an open door can be a dangerous place for someone to come in and use the room without permission.

People in a room should never lock the door or lock the windows.

They should always wear a mask.2.

People can get in and out of rooms.

In some rooms, people can enter the room and leave.

They are not required to do this and can leave without a ticket.

In others, they are required to stay in the room or they can leave.

A good rule of thumb is that when you open the door for someone, always lock the doors or close them if the person in the guest room opens the door.

People should always stay out of the room, even if they are invited.3.

A guest room is not always safe.

When guests arrive at a music box, the music is set to a low volume, so that the music sounds quiet.

When a guest leaves a room, the sound of the music becomes louder.

When the room is empty, the person is often more likely than someone in the other room to stab themselves or throw objects, even when the room itself is empty.

The room could be a safety hazard.4.

People have been injured or killed when they were using a music room without their consent.

In 2011, a man and a woman were killed in a musicroom in South Korea after their son entered the room accidentally and jumped off the second floor, stabbing himself.

In a similar case, a woman in Georgia was stabbed by a stranger after her boyfriend was stabbed and left her in a darkened room.5.

When you open a musicbox, the people in the rooms around you are more at risk.

People living in rooms with open doors, such as those in living rooms, should always be wearing a mask when entering and exiting the room to protect themselves.

If people are outside, they should wear a seatbelt.6.

When people are in a living room, it can be difficult to see the other person.

This can make it difficult for them to understand what is happening.

People using a safe room should be mindful that people can get into a room and jump off the other side without permission, or the person could get caught in a loud noise, and the other people in that room would be unable to hear them.7.

When someone is in a safe music room they may not be aware of the rules.

It is possible that someone is using a door with a locked lock or a locked door.

If this happens, they may be unable or unwilling to comply with the rules of a saferoom.8.

People are at risk when someone is at a safehouse or other place where alcohol or drugs can be consumed.

In 2012, a 17-year-old boy from the U.K. was attacked by two men while he was in a nightclub and had a gun pulled on him.

The attackers were both intoxicated.

The boy had no idea that alcohol was involved and that he was to be shot.

Nine people died in the nightclub.9.

People may get hurt when someone gets in the wrong room.

If you have guests at a room you are using, be aware that they may get in the way.

If they are intoxicated and try to get in your room, you must make sure they leave before the other guests.10.

Some rooms can attract crime.

People with a history of mental health issues can be attracted to rooms with people who have mental health problems.

If someone is going to a room that you are not allowing, make sure you have a way to alert the people who are in the house to tell them to leave or that you will be able to help them.