RVs Music Factory

Music is everywhere in this small, three-story space on the second floor of the Westin at the end of the city’s Old Town, an oasis of Victorian Victorian-era living and dining.

The walls are lined with framed photos of famous composers and poets, and a framed photo of a young man with a cane who has been living in the house for more than a decade, his cane resting on the coffee table.

The place is a shrine to music in this part of the Old Town.

The house is the first of its kind in Canada, and it’s not the only one in the city.

In recent years, a number of smaller venues in the Old City have opened, and the Westins is just one of many.

With its location on the edge of the downtown core, the WestIN has been attracting more tourists and visitors.

As the music has been a staple in the room, the neighbourhood has also welcomed it with open arms.

It has been known to be a place to grab a bite, and to drink cocktails at local bars.

A number of local residents have been taking the space over and putting in the work for years.

But the space has also become a source of contention.

The neighbourhood has a large population of residents, and some residents have come to complain about the noise and the way the music is being played in the chamber.

The music in here is not the same as in the other rooms.

The room is loud, and there are many loud sounds in there.

The sound of the lights has a kind of harsh, aggressive sound to it.

The musicians playing in there are playing louder and louder than the people playing in the rest of the house, and this is not what you want in your house, says Bob Johnson, who is the owner of the chamber music shop.

He has been running the business for 20 years.

Johnson says the loud music has become a problem for people living in his neighbourhood.

He said the music was always loud in the upstairs rooms, but recently the room was quieter and the music less loud, but there were people still being noisy.

It’s a problem that needs to be fixed, says Johnson.

It was a problem he didn’t have to deal with himself, he says.

The chamber music rooms are in a corner of the room where you can’t hear the sound, Johnson said.

People who live in the neighbourhood complain about noise and people who live around the neighbourhood are upset by the noise.

Johnson has been in the business 30 years, and has worked in various music shops across the city, but the noise has always been a problem.

Johnson said he didn�t expect the chamber to be so popular.

He thought the music would only get bigger, and that he would be able to keep the business open.

But he said the chamber had become such a popular attraction that he had to close the business.

The problem, he said, is the chamber isn�t the only thing going on in the place, and they have to find a new location.

Johnson and his partner, David Wilson, moved in last summer, but were expecting to reopen a few months later.

But Wilson said the problem of the noise continues to grow.

He says the chamber is now louder than they could possibly manage.

They have a full bar downstairs and they�re trying to get the upstairs up to 80 per cent.

They are trying to put in an acoustic wall there.

Johnson also has a lot of concerns about the quality of the music.

There is no lighting in the music room, he notes.

The light is just going off every couple of minutes and no one is in there, he adds.

The only people who play in there at night are the musicians and the guests.

He points out that some of the rooms have been in there for years, so they should have had enough room to put lights in.

Johnson is hoping the city will be able do something to fix the problem.

He is also hoping the chamber will be taken down by 2018.

He also wants to keep in touch with the owners of the other venues that are in the area, and ask them to do some sort of consultation.

He hopes the city and the chamber owners can come up with a plan.

The city has a history of trying to tackle problems in the entertainment industry, but this is something they�ve not been able to do.

Johnson, however, says that he is not against them bringing in more people to work in the venues, but he would prefer to see the situation improved.

The neighbours who live on the street, Johnson says, have been complaining about noise for years and years.

He believes they are entitled to complain.

He wonders if there will be a way to resolve this, though he says that there is nothing they can do about it.

They could just leave it.

****************** In the basement of the Eastside music hall, a group of teenagers are playing an instrumental version of the Beatles song,