RVs Music Factory

The room in the centre of the room, on the right, is the room with the video game machines.

On the left, there’s the classical music room with a piano, violin and a viola.

The piano has a red light.

The viola has a white light.

All are in black.

There’s also a desk with a white board.

The white board has a computer.

There are also a couple of black headphones on either side of the table.

These are the headphones that are being used for audio-chat, but also to make calls.

There is a small table with a book.

There might also be a table with more books.

There may also be books on shelves.

The chair has a TV.

It has a keyboard, mouse, headphones and a small speaker.

There also might be a laptop, but the screen is off.

There will be a fridge.

There should also be another fridge.

The fridge has a microwave.

There has been a leak in the fridge, so it’s been left there for now.

There were a couple other things that were on the floor.

There was a pair of gloves, and there were two pairs of shoes.

There would be a pair or three pairs of pants, but those are off the floor now.

I’m going to look at the shoes, but there are a couple more things on the table, so I don’t want to be too thorough.

The music room was designed to have a music room for people to play music with.

So there’s a piano on the left and a violin on the other.

The room has two sound system.

There could be three or four speakers in there, depending on the size of the music space.

The speaker is going to be an old Yamaha CS-10, which is quite good, but it’s also very expensive, so they have been replaced by more modern ones.

The left speaker is the one that’s going to come out on top, and the left speaker will be the sound system with the two keyboards.

There can be three speakers in the room.

The right speaker is actually a smaller, more powerful one, which will be used for sound mixing and for music playing.

The speakers have a very low frequency response, which means they’re more forgiving for people who have very sensitive ears.

So the sound coming through the speakers is really loud.

And they can also be used to talk with other people in the same room.

So this is where the music starts, and then it’s up to the music person to tell the music what to play.

If they don’t like what you’re playing, they can turn off the music.

If the music is really good, they could turn it up, but you’ll have to say to the other person to turn it down.

And then it would end up on the same screen as all the other music.

And you might have to go back and look at that same screen for another hour or two.

The next time I’m here, it will be in a very different position.

So I will be able to go into the room and sit down and listen to the song that I just heard.

So what’s the music?

Well, there will be music for everything, whether it’s classical, or jazz, or classical and rock.

And there’s even a jazz version of the Beatles’ Let It Be.

The original versions of that song were played in the basement of the piano.

So it will sound different to a concert hall.

There’ll also be music from different genres, which are not just classical.

The songs will range from classic rock, to country, to rock and roll, and you can also listen to a mix of contemporary rock, hip-hop, and pop.

So you can listen to some modern music and some classical.

There won’t be any pop music.

You can have some classical music and hip-hip music, and some modern pop.

But there will not be any classical music or hip-pop.

There must be something else going on in there somewhere.

If you don’t have anything else going, then you can just listen to classical music.

The only music I’m not going to play is classical.

I don, like many people, like to play a lot of classical music on the radio, or on my laptop.

There, it’s just classical music playing in the background.

And I would be happy to play that music if I want to, but that’s not what this room is about.

So when you enter the room from the main room, there’ll be music playing, but I won’t have to turn on the music for it.

And when you leave the room on the first floor, you’ll still have the music playing on the speakers.

So once you get in the main hall, you can see what the music’s about, but once you leave, it won’t play for you.

You’ll just have to leave it

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