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Kids are a big part of Graceland, a series of themed rooms for family entertainment on Disney’s Walt Disney World Resort.

But there’s also a more personal space, a place for kids to be themselves, with a video room, an activity room and a children’s room, with children and adults interacting together and sharing stories.

The Graceland children’s rooms are not just for family gatherings.

A special feature for kids at Disney World is a special room for children with autism and other special needs, the company said.

In 2016, the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts launched a program called Autism Speaks to offer support and resources to families, and they were a big draw for families looking to share their special needs with kids.

“With a growing number of kids who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, we are excited to share that Disney World’s Autism Speak Room and Learning Center is a wonderful way to connect with other families with special needs through activities, activities, and activities,” the company wrote on its blog.

Autism Speaks, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free, one-on-one support to parents with autism, offers workshops, social media chats and other opportunities for families to talk about their special challenges and share information about support services.

It’s also something of a unique feature at Disney’s parks, with the Disney Springs area of the resort being home to a special Learning Room, a room for special needs children that features a video screen and games for kids ages 3 to 10.

The Learning Room is part of the Autism Speakers Network, a network of organizations dedicated to connecting parents with children with special health and developmental challenges.

It’s an area that’s especially popular for families with kids who have special needs because there are so many other activities, from music and arts classes to learning to art classes, at other Walt Disney Resort parks.

Disneyland has also expanded its Kids Corner, which has an area for kids who don’t have any friends, a space for younger kids to socialize and play with each other.

For kids who may have a sibling or other family member who has special needs or who would like to share a special space with their siblings or other kids, the Children’s Center is available, as well as the Learning Room.

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