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Brighton is home to some of the best live music in the country, but one of its most exciting venues is about to open up.

A music themed bedroom is set to open its doors to the public at Brighton Music Room this Saturday.

It’s the latest addition to Brighton’s burgeoning live music scene, which is now attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, with Brighton’s own The Bowery in the background.

Brighton Music Room is currently running a series of events with the aim of promoting local music, with a series including a showcase of local artists.

Its opening on Saturday will be a first for the Brighton venue.

Brighton Mayor James Brawley told the Mercury News the opening was part of a “big transformation” in the area, with new apartments coming on-site and the area attracting new businesses.

He said: “We are delighted that Brighton Music Rooms is opening its doors for us to showcase our talent and talent is very important in Brighton.”

This will be the first time in Brighton we will be able to showcase local artists and it’s an incredible opportunity to showcase Brighton’s amazing talent.

“He said the venue was one of Brighton’s favourite spots for live music.”

Brighton has a very strong musical scene, with many venues in the city, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to show our live music talent and to promote the city’s thriving live music industry,” he said.

Brightons music scene is thriving thanks to the local talent who are passionate about the local scene.”

The city is a fantastic city and its great to have a venue like this in Brighton that can showcase local talent and have a really good atmosphere,” he added.

Brighten Music Room opened its doors in March 2017 and was built with the help of the Brighton and Hove City Council, with the support of the local council, local businesses and community organisations.”

We were looking for a venue to showcase and showcase the local music scene to a wider audience and Brighton MusicRoom has the perfect location in Brighton,” said Brawly.

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