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With the launch of The O’Neil show, the family’s beloved show is finally coming back to life.

With a new trailer for the first episode set to debut on Sunday, we have the scoop on how the family feels about the new episode.

WATCH: The Simpsons Season 11 trailerThe new trailer features the first look at the family, with their new dog, Bart.

We also get a glimpse at the O’Neills’ first-ever meeting with the “Daleks,” who they call “the Dukes of Doom.”

They have since grown to become a huge, fanatical group, and their friendship and love for the show has only grown since that first episode.

While the new trailer is very much a first look, it also serves as a pretty good preview of what’s coming down the pike for The OA, which has been on hiatus for nearly a decade.

The Simpsons is in its tenth season, and is still one of the biggest and most popular shows on TV.

However, the show hasn’t had an episode airing since its 2010 revival, and there have been a number of delays since then.

Now, the new show has officially been renewed for a third season, which means it will finally return to the airwaves for at least the next six years.

It’s hard to say what exactly The ONeil show will bring to the table, but the show is definitely worth keeping an eye on in the coming years.

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