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A churchill library in Sydney’s west is being retrofitted with new lights, new bathrooms and a virtual kitchen for the first time in two decades.

The library in Churchill is part of the churchill complex in Fitzroy which is one of two in the city that houses an audio and visual library.

Its the second churchill site to have its lighting upgraded.

Architects from the firm of Kroll, who also worked on the churchills library, designed the new spaces with the aim of making it as much accessible as possible for the patrons and staff.

They’ve also built new furniture and a new bar.

Its been a tough couple of years for the churchil community in Fitzrovia, which has been in financial turmoil since the 2008 financial crash.

A new $150 million facility has been built at the centre of Fitzroy to provide services such as a day centre, children’s playground, health centre, arts centre and more.

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