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With the launch of a new Spotify-powered streaming service, the best new music from the past few decades has been on the move.

The list below is curated by one of Spotify’s most respected personalities and the company’s senior music editor, James Goss.

But the music is in some cases quite old.

Read moreJames Goss has spent decades writing about music, from his earliest days at The Times, to The New York Times and the BBC.

His music, in particular, has always been a delight to read, as he has written some of the best pieces on the genre.

He has also been an editor for many other major newspapers, and has worked for many of the country’s most prestigious magazines.

And he’s the author of the critically acclaimed book, The Essential List: Music, Culture and the Modern World, which he wrote with his colleague, Ian McEwan.

Goss is a regular contributor to the BBC, and in 2013 was the first journalist to interview Michael Jackson.

In this interview, he talks to me about the rise of the Beatles, his love of the late John Lennon, and the influence of the Rolling Stones on the modern world.

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