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The music storage room at the churchill music hall has been closed for almost a month, with no sign of a new owner.

The churchill manager said in a statement to The Christian Post that he would not discuss the matter with the media until the current owner is “available for interviews” and the facility is reopened.

The facility has been a hub for the Churchills music community since the church began in 2009. 

The music storage space was supposed to open at the end of March, but was forced to shut down due to the closure of the main office. 

Churchill Music Library director of media relations, Ben Miller, told The Christian Press that he was “extremely disappointed” with the decision, but the company has not yet decided whether to re-open the storage room.

The building’s owner, the Presbyterian Church, has also not responded to multiple requests for comment.

The music library had previously been managed by the Presbyterian Family Church, and the current manager, John Davenport, has been with the church for nearly 15 years.

In November, Davenports brother, David Daven, filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the church, claiming the organization “engaged in an unlawful contract and a deliberate and calculated attack on his business, his livelihood, and his family’s livelihood.”

Davenport is seeking unspecified damages.

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