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On a crisp January morning in Oxfordshire, England, the first track to emerge from the bar room is a classic by the legendary punk rock band Mudville.

“I’m just a wee-lout, but this is the way to rock,” says singer and guitarist Alex Chilton.

“So it’s a bit of a relief.”

Chilton and the band are now part of the first-ever live performance of Mudville’s song, “We Are The Millers,” in a small bar room in the basement of a pub called the Bar Room Music Room.

Chilton is dressed in a blue-and-white shirt and shorts, with a dark, over-sized, black backpack on his back.

The bandmates are dressed in denim shorts and blue jeans.

The music room has been set up for the band to rehearse and perform live, and the two-hour event is the brainchild of London-based indie rockers Muddy Waters and the Muddy Cats.

“We have been working with them for years, and I’ve always wanted to do something like this,” says Chilton, who plays the drums on the album and has played with the band since they were young.

“It’s very much like having a group of friends playing in the same room, and having them all have a great time.

It’s all about bonding and being in tune with each other.”

The music rooms’ concept is not new.

The concept is to create a space where music fans can be entertained and socialized in a communal way.

In the U.K., venues like Bar Room are open to the public, but they require the permission of venue owners and bands.

For Mudville, the Bar room was a fitting location.

The concept is one of many that Waters and Chilton have developed for their band.

The two have toured extensively around the world with other indie bands, including Mudville and the Killers.

But their music has been mostly unheard of outside of the U, where it has been embraced by music lovers.

“It’s not as big a deal here as it is in the U., but the music scene is huge here,” Chilton says.

“The music scene here is very diverse, and we’ve all been involved in music for a while.

So it’s been a great way to get our music out there.”

The bar room concept is just one of several innovations in the world of music venues.

In England, there are already thousands of music spaces, from the tiny pubs to the massive nightclubs, and they are becoming more popular.

But there are some that are still small and are largely hidden from the public eye.

The London Underground is one such place, and it has an even smaller underground.

The underground has been a place for music fans to come and play music for free for years.

Now, however, it has become something of a public meeting spot for music lovers to meet up and meet other fans.

The Underground is also one of the largest venues in the country, with over 100 venues, ranging from local gigs to the bigger venues that can cater to thousands of fans.

And it’s not just the Underground that has a huge following.

It is a popular destination for concerts and other events, with venues including the Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Stadium.

And it’s home to some of the most famous bands in the United Kingdom.

So it is no surprise that the band’s popularity in the Underground is booming.

But the underground is also an opportunity for the duo to expand their music scene.

The Muddy Cat are also big fans of the Underground.

The Muddy cats’ last album, “Crazy”, was released on the Underground a few years ago.

The record was produced and recorded in a pub in London, where the band used to play shows.

The album has become a smash hit and was recently remixed for the first time.

“The Underground was a great place for us to grow our band and get our sound,” Chilly says.

“[It was] an ideal place to put out our first album, and that’s the reason why we wanted to come here.

It was a good place to meet other music fans, get some exposure to music, and really take it to the next level.”

The band members, Chilton and Chilly, are now on the road for a tour of Europe.

The first leg of the tour begins on June 6 in Germany.

And they plan to stay in England for a few weeks before returning to the U for the second leg in the Netherlands.

The band plans to make more live appearances in the future, as they continue to grow their fan base.

And while they are touring extensively, the duo is still enjoying the music.

They have played a number of gigs in the past year, including in cities like Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam.

“I think we’ve become more popular and

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