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In a small room in a Dublin hotel, a band from Ireland’s biggest guitar band has been playing for nearly two years.

A long-time fan of the band, Noel Gallagher, is a member of the group and has a huge collection of their records.

He plays in the band’s first full-length album, ‘Honey, It’s You’.

But, as with many music fans, Noel’s first guitar experience came from his own guitar.

In his early 20s, Noel decided he wanted to become a guitarist.

“I had a guitar in my garage and I just wanted to be a guitar player and be able to play,” he says.

“So I took it apart and put it together and I found that I liked it so much that I bought it for $2,000 and started playing with it and I got to play and learn from other guitar players.”

Then, after that, it just went from there.

“The group, known as the Irish Licks, have a large and passionate following across the world.

Their music is an expression of Noel’s love for guitar and a reflection of the way he grew up.”

My guitar has been a huge influence on the way I’ve grown up and the way my music has influenced my life,” Noel says.

He’s been performing regularly for almost two years and says it’s helped him to be more mature and open-minded about his sexuality.”

When I first started to learn to play, it was so hard to understand.

I was struggling to make friends because I was still very young,” he explains.”

The first time I was in a club, it’s when I got the first hint of what it was like to be in a band and I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s awesome’.

“I was like, oh my God, it is!

So I took that as a positive.”

It’s helped me to realise that I’m really not that bad and I can be myself.

“In the band there are a lot of people that I’ve been around and I’ve always known them and I know them well and I really respect them.”

Despite the band being very small and humble, Noel says it can be intimidating to be so open-hearted about your sexuality and it’s a real relief to have a lot more people in your life supporting you and supporting you as a musician.

“Being a part of a small band that’s been around for two years, I have a huge amount of support,” Noel explains.

“It’s really exciting.”

There are a bunch of people in my life that have come out and supported me and helped me be a better person and be a stronger person.

“And there are people that are really supportive and I feel really proud that I got a lot from them.”

If you can’t do that for yourself, I think that’s really important.

“Read more about guitar, music and art at The Irish Examiner.

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