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Gwen’s New York Times bestselling book, The Color Purple: Love Songs, Movies, and Music from the Last 25 Years, offers a deep look at the history of music, film, art, and theater.

And for anyone who’s been waiting for the perfect place to play music, The Colour Purple’s soundtracks, movie soundtracks and stage musicals are a great place to start.

Gwen explains that this music room is meant to be the perfect venue to play some classic rock, pop, and hip-hop.

Gynadine says, “The Color Purple has a timeless vibe to it, and we wanted to bring a different element of music to a room that would make you feel special and special again.

The rooms are built to last and the music is all set up to be enjoyed for years to come.”

The room is designed to be set up in a way that would be perfect for weddings and parties.

Glynadine told us that the decor is “the kind of decor that you could bring to a birthday party.

You could bring the party, the food, and the beverages, and have a really fun, family-friendly experience.”

Gwen also told us about the sound system in the room, which she says will include two speakers with a 3.5-inch surround sound system.

The speakers will play a selection of popular music and movies and will sound great if you want to enjoy your favorite songs.

She told us, “You could play an album or a song on the speakers and it’s completely quiet, and then you can just turn the volume all the way down and listen to it.”

The rooms is set to have “a wide range of different types of music.

There’s jazz, rock, soul, hip-ho, and of course, classical music.”

The Color Purples sound system is a “really cool feature,” and the sound of the room will be able to reflect “the atmosphere and vibes of the place,” Gwen told us.

She added that it will be very hard to tell what the color of the music will be, as it’s “going to be something different from any room you’ve ever been in.”

And Gynade also said that the music room will not be a “traditional” venue.

Instead, it will feature a lounge area, a movie theater, a dance floor, and an outdoor area with a view of the Grand Canyon.

We have a feeling that there will be a few other cool perks to this music hall.

The first is that it’s designed to make a statement, and this room will certainly be an impressive one.

There are also plans for a “Music Kitchen,” which will offer a variety of food and drinks.

The Kitchen will offer both “traditional and contemporary” food options.

For example, Gwyn has talked about adding sushi, crab cakes, and chicken pot pie, to her menu.

The ColorPurples menu will be available for purchase on Friday, October 31.

The color of your music will reflect your mood, and Gwyn says that the room’s sound will reflect that as well.

And because the color in music is always changing, the sound is also changing, so you won’t have to worry about it.

We’re not quite sure how it will work out, but it’s definitely something that Gynads future plans for The ColorPants will definitely include.

We know you love the music, and now you know that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

So get out there and enjoy some classic Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop on The Color Pants.