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The Nintendo Switch version of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is finally available on the system, but we don’t know exactly what to expect.

We do know that the game will be playable on the console, and there are a couple of important details we can expect to find out in its launch trailer.

The first is that the trailer will have more footage, including footage of the game’s environments.

It also features some new Zelda characters, and some new music.

This will all be coming in the new Zelda trailer, and we’ll be getting to see more of them in the upcoming Breath of Time trailer, which is also expected to have a lot more content than the trailer.

We also know that Zelda: Ocarina of Time will be the first Zelda game to be ported to Switch.

Zelda: The Wind Waker will be another Switch port, but this time, it will be a new game entirely, with new characters and a new story.

The Zelda: Wind Wakers trailer is expected to be a bit different than the one shown in the trailer above.

It will feature more footage of Hyrule Castle and the Wind Wakened, as well as footage of an old castle.

The Windwaker trailer will also feature new footage of a scene from the game, and it will also be shown off for the first time.

Finally, we’ll get to see the Windwaking Tower.

This is another trailer that has been teased and hinted at for some time now.

It is expected that it will feature a new dungeon, as it is said to be in Hyrule.

Finally we can also expect to see a new area in the game.

This area will be called The Forest of Twilight, and will be made up of a large number of areas.

The Forest is described as a vast area of trees, forests, and water, with several different dungeons and areas of gameplay.

In The Forest, we also see the Hyrule Warriors game engine, which will be featured prominently in this trailer.

There will be an additional dungeon in the Forest of Shadow, and in The Forest we’ll see a brand new area of the main game, as we’ve only seen the screenshots from the trailer before.

The game will also have a new multiplayer mode called The Linked Arena, which we’ll probably see in the Zelda: Twilight Princess trailer, as the trailer shows a new arena with new maps.

We can expect more information to come out in the coming days, as Nintendo is releasing new details on Breath of Wild and the new Switch port.

You can read all of our Breath of Zelda coverage here.

Zelda and Breath of War were released in 1999, and now that we’re now a decade later, how do we feel about Breath of Light?

What have we learned from Breath of Fire?

Let us know in the comments below.

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