RVs Music Factory

By Jenni Ostermeier The Music Room at Jillians Music Room in the Northbrook neighborhood of Chicago has a lot going for it: a big screen, a soundproof wall, a wall of speakers, and a massive red carpet, but there is a catch: The walls aren’t air-conditioned.

Jillian Ostermann, a 32-year-old music lover, has to wear a mask while entering the room to avoid the smell.

“It’s definitely the worst smell I’ve ever smelled,” Ostermeyer said.

“I have asthma, so I have a very sensitive nose.”

Ostermeier said that the smell of the music room has caused her to become more cautious about entering it, and that the walls are now air-tight and air-brushed out with a mask.

“But I am allergic to latex,” she said.

Ostermanne said that while the smell has been relatively mild in the past, she has been more concerned this year because of the recent pandemic.

She and her husband, Aaron, who also has asthma, have had to wear masks for months.

The smell has also affected Jillian.

“The first couple of weeks it was kind of annoying, but it’s really gotten worse now,” she told MSNBC.

Omermans family was diagnosed with bronchitis a few years ago, and she said she has asthma but not a latex allergy.

The two decided to make a change.

“We went to the hospital, we went to a doctor and they told us to go out and get a mask,” Omerman said.

She went out to buy a mask, but when she arrived at the store, she was shocked to see that the mask she purchased had no airtight seal.

“They didn’t tell us anything,” she recalled.

“And the person who took our mask said, ‘Well, I just bought this mask, so we’ll put it on for you.’

And that was it.

That was the last thing I saw.”

Omermans husband is also allergic to the latex that makes up the mask.

Oesterman said that since the pandemic began, she and Aaron have had difficulty sleeping and breathing.

She said that they’ve also been dealing with a rash, which Ostermans husband has also had to treat.

She added that she has noticed an uptick in the number of people asking her about the mask in the wake of the pandemics pandemic, and said that she’s been worried that people who haven’t been using masks may be hesitant to ask about them.

“People think that if they’re allergic to mask that they can just put it in the bathroom and just go about their business, but no, you need to put the mask on because it will be an issue with asthma,” Oestermeier said.

Ostermann is now hoping to get a second mask.

While her husband doesn’t wear a respirator, he is wearing one to avoid breathing in the air outside his house.

“When he goes outside, he’ll breathe in the water and it’ll just drip out,” Otermann said.

While she said that it is important for people to wear respirators, she said there is nothing wrong with having a mask if it is not air-friendly.

“If you’re allergic or you’re going to wear an air-resisting mask, I would definitely recommend that people do,” she explained.

Omermann said that her husband has not had to use the mask yet, but she said he is still worried about wearing the mask at night.

“He gets tired very easily, and he’s not used to being out of the house all the time,” Oestmann said, adding that she hopes that her advice helps others to consider mask use.

“You know, the people that are wearing it, they don’t need it, it’s just not an issue.”

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