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When it comes to the music in 2017, you can tell who the winner is by listening to a song you know by heart.

The winners, it turns out, are pretty much all the same.

That means you’ll always be able to find something that you really like and share it with others.

That said, there’s one song that has proven to be especially popular this year.

That song, though it’s not technically a rap song, is an awesome instrumental that is sure to put the mood right at your feet.

Listen to it below.

The song, which you can find on Spotify, is titled “Futures” and it’s an incredible track that’s sure to make you smile.

It’s one of those songs that will definitely be in your playlist for years to come.

Here are the songs you need to know about this year’s best rap songs.1.

Lil B, “No Way Out” (B.O.O.)

When Lil B released his debut album in 2016, it was met with a lot of critical acclaim and a lot less acclaim than it has over the years.

It was met by a lot more critical acclaim as well.

But it’s hard to ignore the fact that Lil B has never stopped delivering on what he promised.

On “No Ways Out,” he delivers a catchy, rapping verse that has me laughing every time I hear it.

You should definitely check it out.2.

Kendrick Lamar, “King Kunta” (Pusha T)I don’t really know what Kendrick Lamar is doing on this track, but I love it.

It has an incredible production, a killer beat, and it makes you want to go outside and run.

It even has a great verse, which is perfect for the summertime.3.

Drake, “The Way I Am” (DJ Khaled)Drake has been putting out some of the most unique, infectious, and fun hip-hop music out there, and this is a perfect example of why.

I think his verse is one of the best on the album, but the rest of the song is just so dope.

I’m glad he did this because it really does showcase the power of his voice and the talent he has to craft some really good verses.4.

Drake & Lil Wayne, “Love Lockdown” (Kendrick Lamar)Kendricks verse is also one of my favorites on the entire album.

It definitely is one that you should check out.

The verses on “Love Unlock” and “Lets Get It On” are both fantastic.

I also really like the beats on “Lockdown,” which is just another example of how great he is at writing catchy beats.5.

Future, “B.o.B.

Ain’t Nothin’ But A Gangsta” (Future)Future’s verse is just incredible.

It flows so well and it just makes you feel so good that you just want to cry.

The song is a really nice contrast to his verse.

He’s so confident in his voice, which makes him an incredible rapper.6.

Migos, “Sugar” (Trey Songz)Migos is the undisputed king of the underground rap game right now, and his verse on “Sugaree” is just one of his best ever.

It just screams confidence and positivity.

You can’t help but be a part of it.

I mean, come on, the man can make it happen.7.

Lil Wayne & Jay Electronica, “Lil Wayne” (Jay Electron)This is the song that made Jay Electrons debut and really cemented his place as one of hip-hoppers greatest influences.

It is one hell of a rap verse, and I love that it’s such a beautiful song.

I love how the beat is just perfect and everything is just right.

It really makes you smile and I just love it!8.

Drake feat.

Lil Uzi Vert, “Fancy” (Drake)I love this one.

I like it because I feel like it has a little bit of everything, but it’s really good.

I just can’t stop listening to this one, especially the verse that’s in the background.

It kind of puts a smile on my face.9.

Kendrick, “Dope” (Lil Uzi)I just love Kendrick Lamar’s verse on this one because it’s one that I listen to so much.

It reminds me of my favorite moments of his career, but also gives me a little more energy.10.

Kendrick & Young Thug, “Wake Me Up” (Theophilus London)This song is one I’ve been looking forward to for years.

Kendrick’s verse really gives me goosebumps every time he rhymes, and the beat on this is so good.

You just have to go listen to this and you’ll understand why.11.

Kendrick feat. Young Th

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