RVs Music Factory

IKEAS music room is a new drug, not a medical drug, according to a new report by The Australian Financial Review.

In a new review of research that examines the use of the drug, a team led by the University of New South Wales found that its use was not a risk factor for addiction, but that the drug’s potential risks were underestimated.

Key points:A review by the Australian Financial Reviews found IKEAs use of music rooms could not be categorised as a medical or pharmaceutical drugThe drug could be used as a treatment for anxiety, panic disorder and depression, it foundThe report said the drugs drug and medical use is not completely separateThe Drug Benefits Advisory Committee is expected to recommend the drug as a safe and effective treatment in the near future.

The drug is currently used to treat anxiety and panic disorder, and as a temporary treatment for depression.

The report also said IKEAt least two of the five participants reported having a drug problem, with one claiming to have “no alcohol problem, no tobacco problem, and no drug problems”.

“It was clear from our interviews that IKEIs use of its music rooms was associated with a range of risk factors for addiction,” Dr Anne Molloy, a researcher at the University’s School of Psychology, said in a statement.

“These risk factors included alcohol misuse, substance abuse, substance dependence, poor mental health, poor social support, and a lack of family support.”

She said it was possible that the risk factors could have been overestimated.

“There was an obvious question of whether or not people were using drugs in the rooms, which could have led to underestimating the drug-related harms,” she said.

“It may be that we overestimated the risks associated with IKEs use of their music rooms because they were so low in frequency, so little use was done.”

The study was conducted by Dr Mollay’s group at the time and was funded by the Howard Government’s National Drug and Alcohol Centre.

The findings are significant because it comes as a review into IKE’s drug use is underway in the United States.

Last month, the Federal Government revealed that IAKAs use in its music therapy programs was a major cause of harm in its programs, which are aimed at helping people deal with stress, anxiety and depression.

A report by the Government’s national drug and alcohol agency, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, found that ICD-10 is the first drug classification of IKE that is used in Australia, and that “IKEs” use in music therapy is associated with an increased risk of drug and mental health issues.

The report found that one in four ICD patients who attended IKE programs in Australia had drug and/or mental health problems.

Dr Molloys research also found that a lack and/ or inability to obtain the drug in Australia may have contributed to IKE at IKE, which she said was a “significant” risk factor.

Dr Gillian Smith, the chair of the Howard-Gillard Government’s drugs and mental healthcare taskforce, said that while IKE use in Australia was “in the range of use that is associated” with the drug classification, “we know that many Australians use the drug and that this is not always associated with any harm”.

“We need to recognise the risks of this drug, and we need to support the families and partners of drug users in getting treatment,” she told ABC News.

“This is a difficult issue, but it’s not the first time this has been raised.”

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